Hello, I'm Marie. I have 14+ years studio experience working with well-established brands, entrepreneurs and talented creatives. I’m based in Salisbury, but available for work worldwide from my home studio.
Brands I have worked with include:
Adidas, Amex, Astrium, Baltika
Carlsberg, Clarks, CocaCola
Hitachi, Lloyds Banking Group
Mondelez, Nectar, SABMiller...

Sectors I have worked with include:
Automotive, Education, Financial, FMCG, Internal Comms, Not-For-Profit...

How it all started?
I realised I wanted to become a Graphic Designer at 14 years old when browsing in the careers library at school one day. I saw the job description and thought – great I can make cool surf graphics and get paid for it! Little did I know there was more to it than that. 
Before then I’d spent my childhood writing stories, illustrating them, acting them out, painting pictures on paving slabs in the sunshine with a paintbrush and water, cutting up magazines and making my own... That playful, creative, iterative mindset and true passion for problem-solving and design has never stopped and has driven me to where I am today. I take pride in my work – whatever it may be – doing so with the highest attention to detail in craft and quality.
After graduating from the University of Plymouth with BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication with Typography, I've had the pleasure of working with Taxi StudioSix, Epoch Design and FutureKings to name a few. 
In 2017 I took time out to travel in New Zealand, Australia and East Asia. Taking a step away from the screen – enjoying the outdoor life and soaking up some stunning scenery. Now back in the UK I'm here to support creative teams with their projects.
Want to talk? I’d love to hear from you.
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