Bathophobia... No, this doesn't refer to those ever-fragrant members of the soap-dodging community; the kind of people you don't want to stand next to on the tube. Bathophobia is actually a fear of depths.
Nosemaphobia... not, as you might think, a paralysing fear of horrible hooters, but a tendency to panic at the prospect of contracting a serious disease.
Plutophobia... nothing to do with the much-loved cartoon character, who isn't scary in the least, but actually, the fear of wealth.
Kenophobia... a bit like agoraphobia, this: it's the fear of voids or empty spaces. (And completely unrelated to Barbiephobia)
Macrophobia... not, as you might think, a horror of beautifully designed computer hardware, but the closely associated fear... of long waits.
To mark Taxi Studio's 10th year in business, we created a lovely little keepsake that shouted Fearless Creativity from cover to cover.
"Most experts agree that the first step towards mastering your fears, whatever they may be, is to face up to them; to understand them; and, above all, to know them for what they really are. The Little Boo(k) is a witty compilation of thirteen common (well fairly common) phobias. But don’t take them at face value, they’re not exactly what they appear to be.”
Words by Lindsay Camp & Spencer Buck. Designed at Taxi Studio,
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